Joint-stock company «The Ural regional information and analytical center «Uralgeoinform»

Information – analytical center of JSC "Uralgeoinform" provides in Eekaterinburg skilled cartographic services. Official site of JSC "Uralgeoinform" will allow you to see the entire list of works, directed on formation of a uniform field in the region.

Ural regional information and analytical centre is part of the Russian state company "Roscartography" and performs several important functions to enhance economic development in the region and throughout the country, as well as to optimize the use of land resources taking into account environmental, industrial, logistic and social factors.

The use of advanced equipment and software of the complex allows to provide high technical and consumer level information product.

Field of activity

Information – analytical centre provides quality high-precision creation of complex base map data in a spatial-oriented electronic form or using the aerospace photoisomerization.

The array data used covers not only the Ural region but also the entire Russian Federation. Our specialists fulfill orders on mapping and topographic surveys in the territory of any region of Russia.

The formation of such an information and analytical database allows you to create a sectoral, territorial and other geographic information system (GIS), which allows to significantly increase the efficiency of the search for managerial solutions on the development site.

Information analytical center provides professional in Ekaterinburg the development of integrated geographic information systems are highly specialized and complex assignments by order of interested organizations and enterprises, as well as individuals, business entities and municipal authorities.

In their work of information - analytical center of JSC "Uralgeoinform" uses advanced equipment and software:

  • The software environment of geoinformation systems (GIS);
  • Photogrammetry system;
  • Complexes of the automated design;
  • Scanners and large format plotters.

Official site of the Ural regional centre will allow you to see the entire list of special equipment and software.

In addition, the information - analytical center of JSC "Uralgeoinform" has a licensed staff of qualified engineers and technicians possessing specialized higher technical and vocational education.

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