100 years of the Industry

March 15, 2019 will mark exactly 100 years since the establishment of the Geodesy and cartography Industry. As a professional holiday, this day was established only in 2000. The activities of the service employees are important for almost all areas of the economy. This includes road design, civil and industrial construction, land management, measurement of underground mine workings, not to mention landscape design.

How did it all start?

The history of the Industry goes back to the ancient centuries, when the terrain plans first began to be drawn. In imperial Russia, a whole Department was created under the leadership of the brilliant scientist Lomonosov. In March 1720, Emperor Peter the Great issued a decree on carrying out cartographic work in all areas of the Empire.

Coincidentally, it was in March 1919 that the Soviet Government signed a decree on the establishment of the Supreme Geodetic Directorate.

In modern Russia, geodesists and cartographers are represented by the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography - Rosreestr, which carries out full supervision and licensing in the Industry.

Geodesy and cartography today

Over the past hundred years, there have been changes in the methodology of work. Now the latest achievements of science and technology have come to the aid of surveyors and cartographers. Now specialists can create not only flat maps on sheets of paper, but also build 3D models of the terrain. At the service of specialists are unmanned aerial vehicles and powerful software systems that allow you to create high-precision cartographic products in a short time.

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