Data processing of earth remote sensing

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Professional data processing remote sensing allows to create a wide range of cartographic products that have direct practical application in industrial, infrastructure and socio-economic development of the study area.

Using advanced software and modern photogrammetric and analytical equipment qualified specialists of the center", Uralgeoinform" is possible with high precision to process and decrypt the array of data obtained using aerial and space imagery.

In our center in Ekaterinburg, you can order the following services in this area of cartography:

  • Photogrammetric analysis and decoding of space images and aerial photographs;
  • Monitoring the areas on the basis of aerial photographs and satellite imagery;
  • The formation of predictive spatial models of the landscape;
  • The orthorectification of the photographs;
  • Creating geometric and attribute characteristics for digital maps.

Such processing of remote sensing data allows to predict hydrogeological processes, to determine the "visible area" of the radio towers, and calculate the light intensity and the wind regime in urban planning.

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