Geodetic service


  • Engineering-geodesic surveys,
  • Preparation of targeted plans of settlements,
  • Field interpretation,
  • The creation of plans of underground communications,
  • Land surveying and cadastral work
  • Surveying, inventory of land.

Engineering and land surveying

  • The creation of geodetic networks;
  • Geodetic monitoring of deformations and precipitation of buildings and structures, movements of the earth's surface and dangerous natural processes;
  • Creation and updating of engineering topographic plans in scale 1:200 - 1:5000, including digital form, survey of underground communications and constructions;
  • Routing of linear objects;
  • Engineering-hydrographic works;
  • Special geodetic and topographic works during construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures.

Laser scanning

  • Creating three-dimensional models of existing industrial enterprises and objects;
  • Survey of monuments and archeology, the creation of 3D models;
  • Survey of facades of buildings;
  • Prototyping;
  • Create dimensioned drawings;

Land surveying and cadastral work, land surveying, inventory of land

  • Land inventory of towns, rural settlements, agricultural land and other land categories;
  • Surveying, inventorying and surveying underground utilities on the territory of cities and settlements, energy facilities;
  • The preparation of urban projects, land plots under residential buildings high-rise buildings;
  • Work on delimitation of land in state ownership;
  • The transfer of land from one land category to another;
  • Work on harmonization of cadastral information (ordering the municipal boundaries, the ordering of cadastral units);
  • Drafting of the boundaries of settlements, removal of boundaries in nature;
  • Zoning of urban districts of municipalities;
  • Preparation of information necessary for calculating land tax based on cadastral value of land;
  • Other types of land surveying and cadastral works.                                                                     

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