Features and benefits of the system

   The system allows you to store and describe the following types of information:

- vector and raster maps, source

- satellite imagery, orthophotos

- digital elevation models

- any supporting materials (reports, contracts, classifiers and libraries of conventional symbols).

Advantages of the system

  • Reliable data storage,
  • Increasing the speed of access to enterprise resources,
  • Search optimization and evaluation of products and materials,
  • A visual representation of the state information resources of the enterprise,
  • Optimization of expenses for accounting and inventory of products,
  • Preparation of various reports,
  • Informing consumers about products and its prompt provision,
  • Centralized system administration and information security management,
  • Support for international standards for the storage and structuring of data,
  • Communication and joint efforts on formation of the Russian spatial data infrastructure

System functions:

  • Data storage (zip the project files for vector data geotiff format for raster data)
  • Loading and unloading data. A graphical representation of the data downloaded as images for preview ("preview");
  • Maintenance and effective use of reference information about data meta information;

All loaded into the system, the spatial data are accompanied with additional information (customer, performer, data relevance, data quality, year of creation and so on)

  • Documentation of operations performed on database systems "Archive";
  • Preparation of reports in accordance with prescribed forms;
  • The distinction between access to information (subject to the powers and functions of the user);
  • Centralized system administration and information security management;
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