Aerial photography on the front

05 May 2017

Aerial to front aerial reconnaissance

Combat operations of ground troops are deployed successfully only if they are provided with all the necessary data about the enemy. Much of this data is extracted aerial reconnaissance. Its role and importance in the great Patriotic war is hard to overestimate. With the help of aerial reconnaissance was quickly enough to provide information about enemy activity on the enormous territory stretching from the Barents to the Black sea for hundreds of kilometers in depth from the front line.

Soviet aerial photography

At the beginning of the great Patriotic war, the red Army aerial reconnaissance were used everywhere, but where it was coming from, she played an important role. So, in July and August 1941, the aerial photography was revealed: on the South-Western front group of tanks and artillery, camouflaged airfields; in the center of Dnepropetrovsk — the crossing of the Dnieper, in the afternoon hidden by the Germans near water, etc.

Soviet aerial photography

The main plane on the Soviet front was a dive bomber PE-2, which in the bomb Bay bomb racks were removed and mounted aerophotocamera, and the doors of the bomb Bay cut special potoloki.

Soviet aerial photography

The use of aerial photography results are very much dependent on literacy decipherers. For the interpretation of specially invited experts of those industries whose businesses have been destroyed, because people who know the General structure, main elements and technology of a production. They are better than others could on the images to determine the operator after the RAID the company down, did restoration work of this level, after which it is possible resumption of production and, consequently, required re-RAID etc.

Soviet aerial photography

Congratulations to all of industry veterans with the great Victory day!

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