Cuba - island of freedom

05 December 2016

Country: Republic Of Cuba
The Island: Cuba

Cuba or Republic of Cuba is an island country located in the Northern part of the Caribbean sea. Satellite map of Cuba shows that the country is located on the territory of the Islands of Cuba and Isla de La Juventud, and 1,600 smaller Islands and coral reefs. The country is washed by the Caribbean sea, the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic ocean. From North America, Cuba is separated by Yucatan and Florida Straits. The country area of 110 860 sq. km.

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Remote sensing - MODIS, NASA, 15 November 2001

The territory of Cuba is divided into 16 provinces. The largest cities are Havana (capital), Santiago de Cuba, Camaguey, Holguin and Santa Clara. The economy is based on exports of Nickel, sugar and cigars, as well as the active development of the tourism industry. Recently developed oil production.

Cuba is a socialist Republic, where since 1959, the power is the Communist party.

Interesting fact: the informal name of the country – the Island of Freedom.

пляж Плайя Энсеначос

The delightful beach of Playa Ensenachos

A brief history of Cuba

1492 – Christopher Columbus landed in Cuba

1492-1515 from obedience and the almost complete destruction of the local Amerindian population (Taino tribe)

1823 – the uprising for independence from Spain

1868-1878 – Decade war for independence from Spain

1898 – independence from Spain, but Cuba becomes dependent on US

1952 – the beginning of the authoritarian dictatorship of Batista Vanhelsing

1953-1959 – Cuban revolution led by Fidel Castro

1961 – the United States imposed an embargo in force still

1960-1990 – Cuba – an ally of the Soviet Union

2008 – resignation of Fidel Castro

25 November 2016 - the death of Fidel Castro

Фидель Кастро (1926 - 2016) кубинский революционер, государственный, политический и партийный деятель, руководитель Кубы

Fidel Castro (1926 - 2016) Cuban revolutionary, statesman, politician and party leader, leader of Cuba

Sights Of Cuba

On a detailed map of Cuba satellite you can see the largest natural attractions of the country: mountains and national Park of Sierra Maestra mountains, national parks, Baconao, Alexander von Humboldt, Sierra del Rosario, Topes de Collantes, viñales and El Nicho.

The main tourist center of Cuba is Havana, where the Malecon, the Cathedral, Capitol building, Old Havana, the house-Museum of Hemingway, the fortress of La Fuerza and La Cabana.

Замок Морро

The Morro castle (foreground) and the fortress of San Carlos de La Cabana. Until 1774 the castle was the only fortification in front of the entrance to the intake channel.

мост «El Pedraplen de caibarien»

The 48-km bridge "El Pedraplen de caibarien". This bridge Cubans in all seriousness called construction of the century, although it was built in just 11 years (from 1988 to 1999).

Кубинский Капитолий

The Cuban Capitol was built in the likeness of American buildings. Was erected three years, the building was completed in 1929 Until 1958 Capitol was the tallest building in Havana — the dome reached 92 meters. Since 1960, it houses the Ministry of science and Museum of History.

Баракоа - старейший город Кубы

Baracoa is the oldest city in Cuba, it was founded in 1511.According to one version, Christopher Columbus first landed on the shores of Cuba near Baracoa current. In favor of this version says a wooden cross, now located in the city's Cathedral, whose age (end XV century) has recently been confirmed by examination.

Baracoa is the main center of chocolate production in Cuba.

Конусообразные горы в долине Виньялес

Cone-shaped mountains in the valley of viñales. This Cuban national Park, which UNESCO at the time, declared a World reserve.

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