Crimean bridge from space

17 May 2018

Yesterday, may 16, 2018 at 05:30 GMT., open road traffic on the Crimean bridge. The first bridge we passed local residents – the Crimean and Kuban.

There are new space images of the Crimean bridge, made in March–April this year.

The pictures on the bridge are still under construction, but the roadway is completely blocking the Kerch Strait

Crimean bridge is one of the largest bridges in Russia. It consists of parallel roads and Railways. Its length is 19 km, the Route starts on the Taman Peninsula, passes through the existing 5-kilometer dam and the island of Tuzla. Then crosses the Kerch Strait, skirting from the North Cape AK-Burun, and goes to the Crimean coast.

According to information: most.lifeYandex Maps

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