Our Unfinished TV tower

24 March 2018

Today, March 24, 2018 at 9:10 demolished the unfinished tower.

It stood in its place for 27 years, but was never completed.

Photo from the quadcopter after the demolition of the tower

Photo from the quadcopter after the demolition of the tower

At the end of 1983, according to the decision of the city Executive Committee of Sverdlovsk on the street on March 8, near the city circus began construction of a TV tower.

The design height of the tower was 361 meters (220 m — concrete part and 141-meter metal antenna). It was there that it was planned to move all the city's television and radio transmission capacity to cover the entire Sverdlovsk region.

Also there had to be an observation deck and a restaurant on a rotating platform (at an altitude of 188 meters), like the "Seventh sky" on the Ostankino TV tower. With two inflorescences of the upper and lower buildings, the TV tower would very much resemble a "stone flower", as a reference to the Ural tales.

The construction was carried out by the trust "Spetszhelezobetonstroy", previously erected in Vilnius, Ostankinsky, and others of the Tallinn TV tower. Used highly durable concrete grade 400. Construction was actively carried out until 1989, after which there were interruptions in financing.

However, the construction was not frozen and continued, but with great difficulty, until 1991, when the work stopped altogether. It was completed just before 219,25 meters.

We will remember Our unofficial symbol of the city!

Now the tower is only in the form of 3D model

Such 3D models and processed pictures from aircraft specialists of our departments will prepare for You.

On materials: E1.ru, gelio.livejournal.com, Digital Globe

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