The most unusual stadiums in the world

27 June 2018

1. Floating Marina Bay stadium, Singapore

This stadium is entirely made of steel and is essentially a giant floating platform, the size of which is 119 meters in length and 82 in width. The platform can hold cargo up to 1070 tons, which is approximately equivalent to the total mass of 9,000 people, 200 tons of props and three 30-ton combat vehicles in the appendage. About 30 thousand people are placed in the stands near the stadium.

2. Cocodrilos Sports Park, Caracas, Venezuela

Multifunctional stadium in the Venezuelan capital Caracas is used mainly for football matches, accommodates up to three thousand people. An unusual appearance gives it a towering over the field partially lined with reinforced concrete rock for training climbers.

3. Rocky stadium, Braga, Portugal

It's hard to believe, but this stadium is not only the strangest, but also the most expensive in Portugal. The fact that the carving of the sports arena in the rock cost the budget of about a hundred and fifty million dollars. The stadium was built in 2004, especially before the world Cup, and many specialized publications recognized as the most original and beautiful in the world.

4. Stadion Gospin Dolac, Imotski, Croatia

Another stadium carved into the rocks serves as a home field for the local football team. Holds about four thousand spectators and from the height of bird flight like in the amphitheater rather than on the field of play in football.

5. Eco-stadium Janguito Malucelli, Curitiba, Brazil

Unlike most stadiums, when building Janguito Malucelli, its creators tried to use only natural materials: wood, plaster, glass. Its stands are located almost on the bare ground, and the benches and all the fences are made of wood. Thanks to this strange design, there is a rather unusual atmosphere, as if you were on a football field built by medieval masters.

6. Stadium on the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are located between the Norwegian sea and the North Atlantic ocean, about halfway between Scotland and Iceland. The local national football team plays on a field very close to the sea. There is even a special boy who swims in a boat and collect the balls lost during the match. 

7. South Africa Mmabatho Stadium, Mafikeng, South Africa

Currently, this extraordinary stadium is used mainly for football matches. Arena "Mmabatho", containing 59.000 people, was built in 1981 Soviet construction company. The unusual placement of the stands and the enormous capacity attract many tourists who want to look at this African miracle.

8. A football field that can be washed away by the first storm

In Vladivostok opened a football field on Cape Cooper, which began to build in 2011. It was planned that in a year it will be ready for the APEC summit.

9. Football field on the island

In the Norwegian fishing village of Henningsvær (Norway) built a unique stadium – arena surrounded by mountains with unobstructed stunning sea views.

10. Giant turtle or flower?

Olympic stadium. (Le Stade Olympique, The Olympic Stadium, Montreal.), popularly known as "Big O". This "giant turtle" with its 175-meter inclined tower magnet attracts crowds of tourists. A huge stadium-transformer was built with a controlled roof, which could be opened and closed if necessary. The leaning tower plays the role of a support for the many ropes holding the arch of the stadium.

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