The Fortress Of Pillau

08 November 2016

City: Baltiysk
Region: Kaliningrad region
Country: Russia

Serious fortifications the 17-18 century

The Fort, located in the city of Baltiysk. Previously the town was called Pillau (german) therefore, the castle bears his name.

This unique Fort was in 1601, probably by the Swedes. To 1670 Germans thoroughly rebuilt the castle in stone. Later it was altered many times, was completed and improved.

Over the moat, filled with water located triangular ravelins - structures, blocking the path of the weak spots of the Fort. They were built later.

The fortress was used extensively during the great Patriotic War, and German troops occupied it until April 1945. Colonel Holicky long siege and was forced to storm it under pressure from Moscow. Took the fortress, but with very heavy losses. Looks good was made this construction, the conscience.

Currently there is a military unit.

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