The most complicated intersections and road junctions

19 December 2016

Each of us sooner or later gets into a strange city in a situation where it is unclear where and how to go further. Collected here are the 10 most confusing traffic intersections in the world.

1. The interchange of highway I-710 and I-105, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Развязка шоссе I-710 и I-105, Лос Анджелес, Калифорния, США

Coordinates: 33°54’46.30”N, 118°10’48.33”W

Interchanges in London, Rome and Paris are just kids compared to this monster in Los Angeles. The wrong lane – and in five minutes you will find yourself God knows where. Above each entrance there are hanged mass of signs and symbols which are extremely difficult to understand.

Развязка - Лос Анджелес, Калифорния, США

2. Interchange To The A9, Shanghai, China

Развязка A9, Шанхай, Китай

Coordinates: 31°7’15.17”N, 121°23’5.50”E

In China a foreigner is not easy to drive a car yourself, it is easier to take a taxi. However, this still is not a guarantee against stress: Chinese taxi drivers are real daredevils. Witnesses said that sometimes they are even willing to move sideways on the separating concrete blocks in order to avoid a traffic jam or crash.

3. A Magical Detour (The Magic Roundabout), Swindon, Wilts, UK

Волшебный Объезд (The Magic Roundabout), Суиндон, Вилтс, Великобритания

Coordinates: 51°33’46.36”N, 1°46’17.10”W

This interchange is called magic, but magic here, some evil. The merger of the six roads forms a tight interlocking rings movements around the Islands. Around small Islands, the movement goes clockwise, around the large Central – on the contrary.

4. Taganskaya square, Moscow, Russia

Таганская площадь, Москва, Россия

Coordinates: 55°44’28.54”N, 37°39’14.64”E

For the first time got here is traffic in this place it seems complete chaos. Several roads converge here for six or more lanes each, cars filled every inch of space, no signs, and it seems that the lights no one's watching.

5. Place Charles de Gaulle (place de l'étoile), Paris, France

Площадь Шарля де Голля (Площадь Звезды), Париж, Франция

Coordinates: 48°52’25.46”N, 2°17’42.49”E

Presents a picture taken early in the morning, is deceptive: in the afternoon, especially during peak hours, this is a living hell. There are no signs that determine the priorities of roads, and traffic lights either, so all cross the area as they pleased. Minor accidents happen here no less frequently than every hour.

6. The Avenida 9 Julio, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Хулио Авенида 9, Буэнос Айрес, Аргентина

Coordinates: 34°36’13.16”S, 58°22’53.54”W

Argentina gave the world of motor racing legend Juan Manuel Fangio won and millions of his ardent fans and followers flooded the roads of the country. Best national thirst for speed and risk is visible on this street, the widest in the world. You need nerves of steel to travel across all of its fourteen lanes filled with cars hot Argentinian guys.

7. Interchange Tom Moreland, Atlanta, GA, USA

Развязка Том Мореланд, Атланта, Джорджия, США

Coordinates: 33°53’31.27”N, 84°15’33.29”W

Locals call this huge interchange just "spaghetti". It was built two years after the interchange in Birmingham (the penultimate in our list). Each entry very soon splits into two roads, so I think here it is necessary very quickly. One wrong turn and you'll have to cut a few miles to turn around and get finally on the right path.

8. Interchange between highway 9 and 6, Tokyo, Japan

Развязка между шоссе 9 и 6, Токио, Япония

Coordinates: 35°50’9.45”N, 139°51’33.48”E

At this junction, and so the devil himself a leg break, and then there's all the designations are made solely in Japanese. The design of the junction also adds to the problems: for the greater seismic stability section of the racks are connected by a large "joints" of dense rubber. If the machine enters this rubber area, it starts very unusual to jump and twitch that doesn't help you in finding the correct road.

9. The Interchange Of Gravelly Hill, Birmingham, UK

Развязка Гравелли Хилл, Бирмингем, Великобритания

Coordinates: 52°30’39.63”N, 1°51’53.53”W

As the outcome in Atlanta, but this is also dubbed the inhabitants of Birmingham "spaghetti". According to eyewitnesses, many years of life in this city, many are still confused about these noodles from overpasses and signs and signs seem to contribute only to the confusion in the movement at this junction.

10. London circle, Canberra, Australia

Лондонский круг, Канберра, Австралия

Coordinates: 35°18’30.78”S, 149°07’25.62”E

This is a ring road around the complex building of the Australian Parliament. The disadvantage here is that to get to the center is non – trivial. Chose the wrong lane – and to correct this error, you will need a lot of time and gasoline. In the tradition of such places, road signs here, only knock drivers off.

транспортная развязка

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