Amazing places of planet Earth – Part 1

26 November 2018

Willie Creek, Western Australia

Willie Creek is a protected estuary about 17 km North of Broome, Western Australia. Calm, nutrient-rich waters make the mouth an ideal habitat for pinctada maxima, the world-famous pearl-producing mollusk.

"Lady Of The North", Northumberland, England

A huge landscape composition (34 m in height and 400 m in length), depicting a female figure, opened to the public in the County of Northumberland in 2012. The work of art consists of 1.5 million metric tons of land extracted from a nearby mine.

Logan County, Colorado

Most of the 4780 square kilometres are used for agriculture, livestock and related activities, making it one of the most productive agricultural districts.

Ijen Volcano, Indonesia

Active volcano in East Java, in the Caldera which is located sulfur lake Kawah Ijen.

Hoover Dam, Nevada, Arizona

A unique hydraulic structure, a concrete arch-gravity dam with a height of 221 m and a hydroelectric power station built in the lower reaches of the Colorado river.

Canyon Lake, California

The city of Canyon lake in southern California with a population of just over 11,000 people. It was founded in 1968.

Loosdrecht, Netherlands

Loosdrecht is known for its lakes, the Loosdrecht CE-place, which is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

South California Logistics Airport, Victorville

island-Alcatraz prison, San Francisco, California

The territory of the island was used as a defensive Fort, later as a military prison, and then as a super-secure prison for especially dangerous criminals.

Race track, Flemington Racecourse, Victoria, Australia

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