2018 winter Olympics from UAV altitude

12 February 2018

Sports facilities XXIII Olympic winter games 2018 in Pyeongchang from the height of the drone

Хоккейный центр в Гангнеуне

Hockey center in Gangneung

Горнолыжный центр Ёнпхён

The ski centre - Yongpyong Alpine Centre

The ski centre of Yongpyong is one of the most famous ski resorts in South Korea. Located in the vicinity of Pyeongchang. Located at an altitude of between 700 and 1458 m above sea level. The ski slopes descend from two hills: Gold Peak (1127 m) and Dragon Peak (1458 m).

During the winter Olympic games in 2018 on the slopes of Yongpyong will host the Alpine skiing competitions in the disciplines of slalom and giant slalom, as well as team competitions. For viewers equipped with 12,000 seats, of which sessile — standing 4500 and 7500.

The ski centre of Yongpyong was adopted in 1998, 2000 and 2003 world cups.

Competitions: Alpine skiing

Санно-бобслейный Цетр «Альпенсия»

Bobsleigh Center - Alpensia Sliding Centre

Bobsleigh Center "Alpensia" is a complex bobsled, and skeleton tracks machine located in a resort Alpensia is close to the South Korean village of Dawaymeh in Pyeongchang County.

Construction of the bobsleigh centre started in December 2013, and the final commissioning of the entire infrastructure of the centre is scheduled for the end of 2017. The capacity of the stands for spectators is 7000 seats.

The maximum length of the route will be 2018 meters. The starting position is at an altitude of 940 meters, and the finish is at an altitude of 800 meters.

Competitions: bobsleigh, Luge, Skeleton

Хоккейный центр Каннына

Hockey centre, Gangneung (Gangneung Hockey Centre)

Хоккейный центр Каннына

Gangneung Hockey Centre

The Cannes ice hockey center is an ice arena located in the city of Cannes. During the winter Olympic games 2018, the facility will become the main arena for ice hockey competitions. Sledge hockey competitions will also be held there.

Construction of the arena began in March 2014, and the official opening took place in March 2017. Capacity — 10 thousand spectators.

In 2017, the Cannes ice Hockey center hosted the world Championships in the second division of group A among women and juniors within the framework of test competitions.

Competitions: ice Hockey

Ледовая арена Каннына

Gangneung Ice Arena

The Cannes ice arena will host figure skating and short track competitions during the 2018 winter Olympic games.

The official opening of the Arena took place on December 14, 2016. Capacity — 12 thousand spectators.

As part of the pre-Olympic test competitions at the ice arena of Cannes were held the championship of South Korea in figure skating 2017, the championship of four continents in figure skating (2017), the world Cup short track (2017).

Competitions: figure skating, short-track

Олимпийская деревня в Пхёнчхане

Olympic village in Pyeongchang

Биатлонный центр «Альпенсия»

Alpensia Biathlon Centre

Biathlon center is located in the territorial boundaries of the ski resort Alpensia (Mountain cluster). During the winter Olympic Games Pyeongchang 2018 will host biathlon competitions.

The object was built in 1998, the main reconstruction carried out in 2007 and 2015.

The biathlon centre Alpensia became the venue stages of the biathlon world Cup in the seasons 2007/2008 and 2016/2017. In 2009, the Center hosted the biathlon world championship.

Олимпийский стадион Пхёнчхана

Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium

Pyeongchang Olympic stadium is a temporary arena built for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2018 winter Olympic and Paralympic games. The mountain cluster is located in 2 km North of the ski resort Alpensia.

Time of construction: 2014 — 2017 Official opening of the stadium took place on 30 September 2017.

The stadium is designed for 35 thousand spectators. It has the shape of a Pentagon.

Горнолыжный центр Чонсон

Jeongseon Alpine Centre

Ski center Jangseong located on the slopes of mount Garing in an urban area, Pukhan-men County of Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon province. Officially opened on January 22, 2016.

During the winter Olympic games 2018, the Center will host competitions in downhill skiing, super-G and combinations for men and women.

The length of the route for downhill in women — 2499 m (elevation — 730 m/1275 m — 545 m), in men — 2852 m (elevation — 825 m/1370 m — 545 m). The length of the route for super-G in women — 1982 m (height difference — 565 m/1110 m — 545 m), in men — 2217 m (height difference — 650 m/1195 m — 545 m).

For spectators equipped with 6500 seats, of which sitting — 3600 and standing — 2900.

Competitions: Alpine skiing

Керлинговый центр Каннына

Gangneung Curling Centre

The Curling Center of Cannes, which will become an indoor ice rink during the 2018 Olympic games, will host Curling competitions. The arena is located in the coastal South Korean city of Cannes. The center has already hosted competitions in 1999 in the framework of the Asian winter games, international figure skating tournaments of various levels (2005, 2011), world short track Championships (2007) and Curling (2009).

Construction of the facility started and completed in 1998. The capacity of the arena is 3.500 spectators.

Competitions: Curling

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