On March 28, 2018 - the Day of mourning


Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree declaring March 28 in Russia a day of mourning for the death of more than 60 people in a fire in a shopping center in Kemerovo.

On the basis of the decree signed by the President of Russia, March 28 in the country declared a day of mourning in connection with the death in a fire center in Kemerovo more than 60 people.

According to the document, on this day the state flags will be lowered on the whole territory of Russia, cultural institutions and TV and radio companies are invited to cancel entertainment events and programs, and the government and public authorities of the subjects of Russia – to take the necessary measures to assist the families of the victims and the victims.

A major fire occurred on March 25 in shopping center "Winter cherry" in Kemerovo on the top floor, where there were cinemas, and on Sunday there were many children. According to the latest data, 64 people were killed in the fire, including 41 children. A criminal case was opened. As part of the investigation of the tragedy detained five people.

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