About establishment of the state system of coordinate, height and gravimetric systems


On site Consultant Plus placed the Decree of the RF Government dated 24.11.2016 N 1240 "About establishment of the state coordinate systems, state systems of heights and state gravimetric system."

From 1 January 2017, the state coordinate system state system state heights and the gravimetric system.

The state established the following coordinate system:

— for use in the implementation of geodetic and cartographic works - geodetic coordinate system, 2011 (GSK-2011) established and disseminated using state geodetic network;

for the purposes of geodetic support of orbital missions, solve the navigation task and the execution of geodetic and cartographic works in the interests of defense - the all-earth geocentric coordinate system "Earth Parameters 1990" (PZ-90.11) that is installed and spread with the use of space geodetic network and national geodetic network.

In these national coordinate systems are used for fundamental geodetic constants, and the parameters of the common terrestrial ellipsoid according to the approved Resolution.

It is also established that as the state system of heights used in the Baltic system of heights of 1977, the count of normal heights which is measured from the zero of the Kronstadt seamark, which is a horizontal line on a copper plate fixed in the abutment of a bridge across the bypass channel in Kronstadt, and the state gravimetric system the gravimetric system is used, determined by the results of gravimetric measurements on the points of the state gravimetric network, performed in a gravimetric system in 1971, starting points which are the points located in Moscow and Novosibirsk.

System of geodetic coordinates 1995 (SK-95) and the unified geodetic coordinate system 1942 (SK-42) shall apply until 1 January 2021 in the implementation of geodetic and cartographic works in relation to the materials (documents) created using them.

Recognized become invalid the Decree of the RF Government dated 28.07.2000 N 568 "About establishment of the unified state coordinate systems" from 1 January 2021, as well as the regulations of 28.12.2012 N 1463 "About unified state coordinate systems" and 09.04.2016 N 289.

The text of the document can be found here.

Source: GIS-Association

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