Account to a Single portal of public services can be a generic identifier of the citizen in Runet


As reported Deputy Minister of Telecom and mass communications of the Russian Federation Alexey Kozyrev took part in the forum of innovative financial technologies Finopolis 2016. In the framework of the section "Development of system of identification of customers of financial institutions and access to state information resources," he told about using a proven accounts to a Single portal of public services as a universal citizen identifier in the online environment.

Currently, Russian citizens can receive public services after registration in Unified system of identification and authentication (ESIA). To date, the IAIS was 35 million citizens, so every second user of the Russian Internet segment (Runet) can obtain public services in electronic form. The monthly increase in the number registered in the IAIS citizens is around 1 million people. This contributes to the possibility of obtaining a simplified online account, as well as a developed network of registration centers. In 85 subjects of the Federation employs 15 thousand of such points.

"In a disconnected environment, citizens are identification and authentication using a conventional passport. We believe that the identification and authentication of citizens in online environment also needs to be a convenient tool, which could be confirmed by the account in the ESIA," said Alexey Kozyrev.

Source: GIS-Association

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