Approved a new procedure for maintaining the state register of cadastral engineers


As reported by the order of Ministry of economic development of Russia from 30.06.2016 N 420 installed rule making in the state register of cadastral engineers of information about cadastral engineer, amending and deleting the information about the cadastral engineer of the register.

The register is maintained by Rosreestr in electronic media by making registry entries in the relevant sections and shall be posted on the official website of Rosreestr in the network "Internet".

Each registry key identificireba a unique registry number assigned when you make the first entry on the cadastral engineer.

Each entry must be certified by a reinforced qualified electronic signature of the authorized officials of Federal registration include the date and grounds for making such records (requisites of the document under which the entry). When you make changes to the registry that contains information about the cadastral engineer, the previous entries remain in the registry with the status "archived".

The Federal service for state registration ensures the implementation of necessary organizational and technical measures to protect the information contained in the registry from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, alteration, blocking.

Order of the Ministry of economic development of Russia dated 20.09.2010 No. 444 has been repealed since October 17, 2016.

The order is registered in Ministry of justice of Russia 05.10.2016.

The document can be found here.

Source GIS-Association

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