Approved the model additional professional programs in the field of cadastral activities


As reported by the Order of Ministry of economic development of Russia N 541 24.08.2016 approved the model additional professional programs for which cadastral engineers are required to undergo training once in three years:

- for professional retraining "Cadastral activity";

- improvement of professional skill "Modern technologies in the field of cadastral activities";

- advanced training "Current issues of interaction of subjects of the cadastral relations";

- advanced training "Current issues of legislation in the sphere of cadastral activity."

Programs include curriculum, academic calendar schedule and training-thematic plan, forms certification, organizational and pedagogical conditions of implementation of programmes, number and structure of the reporting activities performed by the students.

The order is registered in Ministry of justice of Russia 07.10.2016.

With the text of the Order is available here.

Source GIS-Association

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