Collection of maps for people with visual impairment presented in the capital


As reported day of open doors "Geography without limits", where Muscovites and guests of the capital could get acquainted with the collection and tipografichesky tactile maps for people with visual impairments, presented at the Institute of geography RAS international white cane day, celebrated on 15 October, the press service of the Fund "So-edinenie".

More than 100 of detailed maps and atlases of different areas, countries and continents, among which tipografichesky world Atlas, tactile Atlas of Canada, tipografichesky Atlas of Poland and the national parks of Poland and the Atlas of Moscow for people with disabilities impaired, which was released in 2015 by the Institute of geography RAS. The publication includes maps of nature, environment and socio-economic conditions of the capital, including the territory of New Moscow.

Visitors of the exhibition could get acquainted not only with modern atlases, but with a unique tactile maps of the XIX and XX century. In preparation for the exhibition of the artifacts, including personal collection, was provided by the head of the Studio of tipografice "Tipograf" Marek Jakubowski from Poznan, Poland, the report says.

As explained in the Foundation, tactile and tipografichesky cards differ not only in their own special ways images, but technologies of production: capsule paper, embossing, thermoplastic and paint surround print. Creating such cards is a very complex process chain, at each stage, which requires testing with a specialized group of users.

The exhibition is organized by the Institute of geography RAS, together with the Fund for the deaf and blind "So-edinenie".

Source: GIS-Association

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