Cosmonautics Day!


April 12, 1961 Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin was the first to conquer outer space on the Vostok spacecraft, and this achievement brought our country to the leaders in space exploration. And today this date is known to everyone as the World Aviation and Cosmonautics Day!

The first human flight into outer space became the driving force behind the development of international practical cosmonautics, created a powerful impetus for further improvement of space technologies, the implementation of increasingly complex manned programs in order to ensure long-term human work in space, conducting space research and experiments in the interests of fundamental sciences and solving applied problems, including the exploration of the Earth using methods Remote sensing.

On this day, we wish you a clear sky over your head, strength, patience and creative inspiration! Let every star in the sky illuminate your life path, dreams and aspirations will be high, health will allow you to stay in the ranks, and your loved ones will delight you with warmth and care every day!

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