D. M. Krasnikov took part in the meeting of the Board of Federal registration service


On June 5, a joint meeting of the Board of Rosreestr and the Scientific Advisory Council at Rosreestr was held. The meeting was held by Deputy Minister of economic development of the Russian Federation – head of Rosreestr Victoria Abramchenko. The main topic discussed at the event was the implementation of integrated cadastral works (KCR).

V. A. Spirenkov, Deputy head of Rosreestr, made a report on the results of the KCR in 2017. Last year, the Republic of Tuva, Astrakhan and Belgorod regions became the pilot regions for testing the technology and assessing the economic feasibility of the work. The financial impact of the project was significant. Due to the fact that the area put on cadastral registration has increased, the tax base has increased from 2.9% to 25.4% depending on the region.

About the features of the KKR in their regions reported the heads of Departments of Rosreestr in the Republic of Tyva, Astrakhan and Belgorod regions. On the basis of the experience gained in these regions, proposals were prepared to amend Federal legislation to simplify the procedure for carrying out the CRA. Since the first experience was successful, in 2018 the project will be developed in 13 regions.

D. M. Krasnikov, General Director of JSC "Roskartografiya" made a proposal to use a single electronic cartographic framework (EECO) at the preliminary stage of the CRA. "The fact is that in 2017, outdated materials of the Federal spatial data Fund and the state data Fund were used as a cartographic basis," he commented. – The preliminary aerial survey will contribute to the accelerated updating of cartographic materials, improving the quality of the CRA and reducing the cost of their implementation."

On materials: JSC "Roskartografiya"

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