Day of Russia


Congratulations on Russia Day!

I would like to wish our country to be the first in everything, to have a happy and wonderful life in it, to be glorified by worthy victories of athletes and artists, actions of heroes and wise decisions of politicians. I wish you good health, constant prosperity and true love for the Motherland.

CEO, Anashkin Pavel

JSC "Uralgeoinform"

Russia day is an official state holiday celebrated annually on June 12. The holiday date was established by the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin in 1994. On the June date stopped for a reason. On this day in 1990 was signed the most important document for the history of the country — the Declaration of state sovereignty of the RSFSR. A year later, the first people's democratic elections were held in the Republic on June 12.

Initially, the holiday was called the Day of adoption of the Declaration of state sovereignty of the RSFSR or independence Day. In 2002, it was decided to rename the old name to a more capacious and relevant — the Day of Russia. All this time June 12 was and remains a day off. Festive events and concerts are held in the country.

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