Forthcoming Atlas of the state nature reserves in Russia


According to the website RGS, Atlas of the state natural reserves of Russia is preparing for publication, with the support of the Russian geographical society. The project is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the protected area system of Russia. Today completed the first phase of work on the Atlas – prepared layout of the publication.

The project is expected to create a map of the location of specially protected natural territories of Russia with the release of her state nature reserves, maps of the location of nature reserves on the territory of Federal districts of Russia, detailed maps of the reserves, as well as essays about its nature and tourist sites.

The Atlas are Institute of geography RAS, Roskartografiya and non-profit partnership "Transparent world". The project Manager was the corresponding member of RAS, doctor of geographical Sciences Arkady Tishkov. Chief editor of the Atlas – a renowned expert in the field of nature conservation, photographer, author of geographical handbooks Vladimir Gorbatovsky.

Many modern data on especially protected natural territories and photos for illustrations derived directly from the reserves. Thus, the authors of the Atlas are not only experts implementing the grant, but staff reserves.

The project is timed to the 100th anniversary of the protected area system of our country, at the base of which stood the Russian geographical society and its Permanent environmental Commission. January 11, 1917 on the shore of lake Baikal to protect the endangered Barguzin sable was founded Barguzinsky reserve. This date is considered the official beginning of the formation of the Russian protected area system.

It is assumed that the illustrated Atlas will be employed in the protected territories of Russia and guide for tourists. In addition, the publication can be used in geography lessons in schools.

Source: GIS-Association

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