Google closes the service maps editing Map Maker


As reported Google closes its Map Maker service that allows users to self-add missing information, correct the location of objects and inaccuracies in their description. The company announced on the forum of the project.

Google Map Maker as a separate service, is finally discontinued in March 2017. All functions for editing of maps will be integrated directly into Google Maps, and access to them will remain only on the local experts.

"This initiative will allow us to focus on improving the editing capabilities and moderation of Google Maps on both the computer and mobile device. We will continue to introduce new features, so you can continue to make changes on the cards, as he did earlier in the Map Maker. Starting today, all edits made via Map Maker will not be processed", — said the representatives of the service.
Google launched Map Maker in 2008, as one of the ways to attract the public to create their cards. Over time, this community had millions of users. The number of edits is constantly growing and the moderators could not cope with its task. In the end, it played a cruel joke with Google maps began to appear obscene edits. The most controversial of these was the appearance in the card image of the Android pissing on the Apple logo. After that Google has temporarily blocked the ability to edit maps using Map Maker.

In connection with the closure of Map Maker, Google encourages all active people to contribute to a map service, will join the program "Local experts".

The program is in some ways a modernized version of the Map Maker. She offers everyone to add information to the maps, to make changes in exchange for points, bonuses, access to new features and invitations to special events.

Source: GIS-Association

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