In Eekaterinburg appeared the world's first interactive 3D map for the blind


As reported in Eekaterinburg appeared the world's first interactive 3D map, which will benefit more than four million people annually visiting the airport Koltsovo. To use the device will be able to blind people for whom the map provided by the touch surface and built-in audio system. The map was designed and installed thanks to a partnership Autonomous non-commercial organization (ANO) "White cane" and the company "MegaFon" in the charity project "Multimobile", said the Agency EAN, the press service of the cellular operator.

Card and its software developed by young engineers of Eekaterinburg, the design of the device was developed by specialists of the company 2GIS. For the tactile part and the legend was responsible blind people with the support of experts of the Sverdlovsk regional special library for the blind. Thanks to them, the map is a convenient way of orientation in the city for people with and without disabilities.

"The project is a vivid example of inclusive interaction. Blind people participated in developing the map, making it as convenient as possible for all residents and guests of the city. Starting a map is one of the stages of preparation for the First world Congress of people with disabilities, which will be held in Eekaterinburg in 2017", – said the President of public organization "White cane" Oleg kolpashchikov.

The device is a relief image of the city, printed on a 3D printer. In the future, the surface of the card can be changed depending on its placement. In order for the gadget to work, you need to touch any object on the surface, and built-in audio system will announce the name and information about this place. Thanks to the screen on the map, showing images of different places, the device will be useful not only to people with disabilities, but to all residents and guests of the city.

"For us the launch of the card was a welcome event, as the entire project "Multimobile" contributed to the visually impaired residents of Big Ural could no barriers to interact with other people easily overcome difficulties and gained the skill of orientation in urban environment," commented Director of public relations of the company "MegaFon" in the Ural Lyudmila Stolyarova.

The place map was chosen by chance: Koltsovo airport is not only a major international transport hub of the Urals, but in November 2016, was voted the best airport in Russia, according to the users of the portal Skyscanner.

Photo: press service of Koltsovo airport

Source: GIS-Association

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