Kalmykia and Roskartografiya will cooperate in the area of geodesy and cartography


According to INTERFAX-SOUTH, the Chairman of the government of Kalmykia Igor Zotov and CEO of JSC "Roskartografiya" Dmitry Krasnikov has signed a cooperation agreement, the press service of the government of the Republic.

"The agreement is aimed at cooperation and collaboration in the field of geodesy, cartography and spatial data", - stated in the message.

The result of the agreement is to improve the quality of cartographic and geodetic works in Kalmykia and the attraction to the Republic of means of the Federal budget.

JSC "Roskartografiya" carries out preparation and finalization of the materials available in the territorial division of the Federal cartographic-geodetic Fund, for use as a single electronic cartographic base all authorities of the Republic and the tasks that require geodetic reference objects, performs filling of a Bank of spatial data and metadata on the basis of available topographic maps of the territory of Kalmykia.

In addition, there will be a monitoring of the area using the methods of aerial photography and remote zoning of the earth from space.

On the territory of Kalmykia will be built a regional satellite network of differential stations and organized services differential corrections, of the work performed for the transition of the Republic into a unified state geodetic coordinate system, 2011.

In turn, Kalmykia provides interaction of Executive authorities and local self-government for the transition to a single state geodetic coordinate system 2011 and a single electronic cartographic base and the maintenance of unified digital cartographic basis to date.

Source: GIS-Association

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