Launched into orbit the remote sensing satellite WorldView-4


As reported with spaceport Vandenberg, California, on 11 November at 10.30 local time (21.30 MSK) was successfully launched the carrier rocket Atlas V with satellite sensing WorldView-4. This was stated by the representatives of the company-developer of the satellite United Launch Alliance.

It is reported that the rocket flight is in normal mode.

The satellite joined the constellation of spacecraft high-resolution DigitalGlobe (WorldView-1, 2, 3 and GeoEye-1).

Note that WorldView-4 will record in 4-channel multispectral mode with a resolution of 1.24 m in panchromatic mode with a resolution of 30 cm.

Initially, the rocket was supposed to launch in September this year, however, this process had to be postponed four times because of technical problems and a powerful forest fire that raged near the launch pad.

Source: GIS-Association

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