Management of Federal registration service across Moscow has revealed errors in the school geographical Atlas

Management of Federal registration service across Moscow in the framework of the implementation of supervision over geodetic and cartographic activities has revealed serious violations in the Atlas "Physical geography" for 8th grade.
After a test purchase and check the Atlas was found incorrectly specified the names of the six geographical objects – settlements and rivers. In addition, experts have identified the wrong definition of the state border of the Russian Federation with Finland, China and Ukraine. Also does not show the borders of cities of Federal importance Saint-Petersburg and Sevastopol.
Such violations are unacceptable when creating educational materials. The definition of the boundaries of the Russian Federation has a national importance and is an important part of the process of studying the students of your country.
Since the Office conducts ongoing licensing and supervision of organizations engaged in geodesic and cartographic activities, court of arbitration was filed. The organization that developed the Atlas, brought to administrative responsibility in the form of a fine in the amount of 100 thousand rubles.

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