Map service of Maritime vessel tracking


As reported in the Internet there are many services that allow real-time monitor natural phenomena or moving objects. The latter vessels, the movement of which is recorded on the map Marinetraffic.

Technology development makes possible the observation of different events, while at any distance from them. Among the most popular services — a Flight Radar showing the flight of aircraft around the world. There are interactive maps of earthquakes, air pollution and other phenomena.

The company offers Marinetraffic to track ships across oceans. The map contains all vessels equipped with automatic identification system (AIS Automatic Identification System); to update the information, depending on a number of factors, requires a different time: from a few minutes to several hours.

Image available as a regular map, satellite, and format OpenStreetMap; there are pictures, information about the ports, the ability to search by various filters and more. In addition to the data incoming automatically to the development of the service involved and the sailors themselves, making information about their swimming facilities.

Source: GIS-Association

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