On the licensing of the Federal service for state registration of geodesic and cartographic works of the Federal purpose


On site Consultant Plus placed order of the Ministry of economic development of 23.08.2016 N 531 "About the statement of Administrative regulations of Federal service for state registration, cadastre and cartography in the provision of state services on licensing of geodetic and cartographic work of Federal purpose, the results of which have national, cross-industry value (per with the exception of specified activities performed during engineering researches executed for preparation of project documentation, construction, reconstruction, capital repairs of objects of capital construction)".

The state service is provided in relation to, inter alia, the following works:

- define the parameters of the figure of the Earth and the external gravitational field for these purposes;

- creation and updating of state topographic maps and plans in graphic, digital, photographic and other forms, the accuracy and content of which provide a solution to national, defense, scientific research and other tasks, the publication of these maps and plans, topographic monitoring;

- creation, development and maintenance of the state levelling and geodetic networks, including gravimetric fundamental and first class, the density and accuracy which ensure the creation of state topographic maps and plans, the solution to national, defense, scientific research and other tasks;

- creation and maintenance of geographic information systems of Federal and regional destination;

- providing geodetic, cartographic, topographic and hydrographic information and data about establishment and change of borders of subjects of the Russian Federation, borders of municipalities.

The decision on granting a license or refusal to grant a license is taken by the licensing authority within a period not exceeding forty-five working days from the date of receipt of the application for the license and the attached documents from the license applicant.

The text of the document can be found here.

Source: GIS-Association

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