Russia will host the world's largest event on the topic of remote sensing of the Earth from space


According to the website of the RSS, the largest international forum in the field of Earth observation will be held November 7-10, 2016 in St. Petersburg. As host to the thirteenth Plenary meeting of the Group of Earth observation (GEO-XIII) are the state Corporation Roskosmos and Roshydromet, JSC "Russian space systems" and FSBI "RC "Planeta" ensure the preparation and conduct of all activities GEO—XIII.

It is expected that the Plenary session will be attended by about 400 representatives of international and government agencies and communities, research and educational institutions from more than 40 countries. They will discuss topical scientific-technical and organizational issues of international cooperation in the field of Earth observation, will review the latest technologies, trends and prospects of development of the global industry community.

In the framework of GEO-XIII will be held a number of international scientific and business events will be held working meetings of representatives of national hydrometeorological services and space agencies, as well as the annual international exhibition.

During the exhibition the stand of Russia RSS will present the participants the technology of remote sensing (RS) and development on their basis, allow multilateral monitoring of changes in natural and anthropogenic objects and phenomena, increasing the efficiency of information support the key economic sectors: fuel and energy complex, construction, transport, forestry, agriculture and water management.

Participants will become familiar with the growing capabilities of Russia in the sphere of geoinformation technologies and remote sensing, the latest domestic products and services in this segment of the market, and also plans to build up the Russian orbital constellation of spacecraft and ground infrastructure remote sensing.

The intergovernmental organization Group on Earth observation (Group on Earth Observations, GEO) established in 2003 with the aim of promoting the ideas, principles and technologies maximum use of observations over Land in the interests of the international community as a basis for making management decisions. GEO brings together 102 countries and 103 of the organization.

Source: GIS-Association

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