Russian customers refuse pictures from Western satellites in favor of "Resources"


As reported by RNS, the number of Russian consumers abandoned the use of imagery from foreign satellites in favor of domestic satellites "Resource-P", said in an interview with RNS, the General Director of Rocket and space center "Progress" (Samara) Alexander Kirilin.

"The number of domestic consumers, including the emergencies Ministry, regional Ministry that used previously for the solution of operational and thematic objectives costly information from foreign satellites already refused to buy such information, focusing on the use of images exclusively from the satellites "Resource-P" — said Kirilin.

According to him, during the normal operation of spacecraft "Resurs-P" the information received showed a high demand among a wide range of domestic consumers.

As the head of the space and rocket center, of particular interest to consumers is the information obtained by hyperspectral instruments. "Technology is the practical use of such information are poorly understood, thereby determining a significant scientific potential of the direction of processing and application of hyperspectral information," — said Kirilin.

"The increased interest in information from the spacecraft "Resurs-P" has recently shown the commercial sector, represented by a number of domestic and foreign operators and distributors of remote sensing of the Earth," — said Kirilin, explaining that the procedures and mechanisms for the dissemination of information to commercial consumers is determined by the "Roscosmos".

In 2016 Russia had deployed orbital constellation of three spacecraft, remote sensing equipment, optical-electronic observation. The group provides daily monitoring of the earth's surface in the latitudinal range from 80 degrees South latitude to 80 degrees North latitude, with prompt delivery of the received information to the Ground via high speed radio link.

Source: GIS-Association

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