Surveyors EMD has worked to create a 3D model of the terrain during the exercise in the Khabarovsk region


As informs INTERFAX - FAR EAST, experts of the Center for geospatial information and navigation (CGIN) of the Eastern military district as part of the exercises in the Khabarovsk territory worked the issues of survey and navigation support of interspecific grouping of troops.

"Having received a signal drill, the personnel 546 CGIN marched in the area of teaching, where he launched the latest mobile navigation and geodetic systems and mobile digital topographic system (MDTS). Military topography has created a 3D layout of the terrain, where the learning process in real time was applied to objects combat training the situation", - the press service of EMD.

New topographical systems capable of storing, control and distribution to the consumers of digital information about the area, quickly create and update informational documents in digital and analog form.

In addition, MDTS the ability to analyse and assess the location in respect of survey, to create digital orthophotos, to print topographic maps, to create a spatial model of the area, display a 3D model on the screens of collective use.

Special tactical exercise involved about 50 people personnel and 10 units of special equipment.

Source: GIS-Association

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