The Baltic Aerogeodetic Enterprise conducted a geographical dictation


The Baltic Aerogeodetic Enterprise for the first time became a platform for the international educational campaign of the Russian Geographical Society — Geographical Dictation.

Anastasia Vorobyeva, Deputy Head of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography in the Kaliningrad Region, Vladimir Leitsin, Head of the Laboratory of Fundamental and Applied Materials Science, Professor of the I. Kant BFU, Associate Professor of the I. Kant BFU, Maria Dmitrieva, head of the Department of Building Structures and Materials, employees of the Balt AGP, their children and grandchildren, as well as other guests took part in the action. The action was held at 12:00 local time throughout the country and in other countries of the world.

At the opening of the site, Mikhail Drobiz, General Director of the Baltic Aerogeodetic Enterprise, introduced the moderator of the Geographical Dictation, Mikhail Shevnya, Advisor to the Director General of Roskartography for Interaction with state Authorities of the Kaliningrad Region, Honored Worker of Geodesy and Cartography of the Russian Federation and the leading Geographical dictation, Professor of the Department of Ocean Geography, I. Kant BFU, Evgeny Krasnov, Honored Scientist of Russia.

Before the dictation, the moderator of the Geographical dictation, Mikhail Shevnya, greeted the participants of the action, held a small warm-up on geographical issues and presented prizes to its winners, including familiarizing the participants of the action with the rules for writing Geographical dictation and obtaining the results of its conduct.

The questions of the first Dictation block were read out on the site by famous people - statesmen, actors and musicians, and tasks related to the use of special knowledge in geography, geology, hydrology and other related sciences were voiced by Evgeny Krasnov.

After the Geographical dictation, its participants received Certificates for participation in the international educational campaign of the Russian Geographical Society — Geographical Dictation, thanked the organizers for its good conduct and made a proposal for the future about its traditional annual holding at the site of the Baltic Aerogeodetic Enterprise.

Excursions to the museum of the enterprise were held for the participants of the Geographical dictation. The thematic atlas "Working map of the President of Russia for the Kaliningrad Region" created by the Baltic Aerogeodetic Enterprise, made by the company for the visit of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin to the Kaliningrad region in 2003, the Great Soviet Atlas of the World, published in 2 volumes published in 1937 and 1939, the final documents of the demarcation of the Russian-Lithuanian state border (2018), the exposition of unique documents on the degree measurements of the Russian-Scandinavian arc in the XIX century, aroused great interest, included in the history of geodesy as the Struve Arc (the preserved points of the Struve Arc were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2005), historical maps of the Kaliningrad Region and Kaliningrad from the Prussian Heritage Collections of the Berlin State Library, rare geodetic instruments and instruments.

Based on the materials of: JSC "Roscartography"

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