The map service Google Earth was turned into a time lapse for 33 years


Writes the developers of the map service Google Earth provided an updated Timelapse service, which now allows you to view satellite images of the Earth in timelapse over the past 33 years. This was reported in the blog Google.

Animated satellite map, we used data of more than five million images. The old pictures were provided by the archive of the Landsat program, and a new one obtained from Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2. The resulting data, the developers have combined data from 1984 to 2016, creating 33 global panorama, and then their combined 25 million overlapping each other videos of different resolutions.

The result is a scaled animated satellite map, which allows you to see the changes on the planet's surface over the past 33 years. The card is available on a separate portal.

In 2015 the developers of Google Earth in honor of decades of service introduced a feature Voyager that groups and highlights on the surface of the planet available in the display area of the content depending on its type. Voyager illuminates the panorama of the city streets and monuments, the remarkable satellite images from the collections of Earth View, three-dimensional city, photogid sightseeing with excursion routes and new satellite images.

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Source: GIS-Association

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