Vladimir Putin has declared December 26 a day of mourning in Russia in connection with the crash of Tu-154


Monday, December 26, in connection with the crash near Sochi on Tu-154 of the Ministry of defense declared in Russia as a national day of mourning, declared Vladimir Putin. On Board the crashed airliner bound for Syria, was 92 people

The Tu-154 Russian defense Ministry departed on the morning of December 25 from Adler airport at 05:25 am in Syria. Two minutes later the ship disappeared from radar screens. Later its wreckage was discovered in the Black sea, 1.5 km from the shore.

The plane had 92 people — 84 passengers and eight crew members. Most aboard 64 — performers of the Alexandrov ensemble, who were sent to Syria, there to congratulate servicemen of the Russian space forces with the New year. In addition, on Board were the military, the crew of three Russian TV channels — "First channel", NTV and Zvezda TV channel. Also on Board was the Executive Director of the Fund "Fair aid" Elizaveta Glinka (Dr. Lisa). According to the Foundation, she assisted with humanitarian aid for the hospital tishrin in Latakia.

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according to RBC

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