The second day of Interexpo GEO-Siberia 2019


Interexpo GEO-Siberia - 2019

First day of work «Interexpo GEO-Siberia 2019»

The XV International exhibition and scientific Congress Interexpo GEO-Siberia 2019 continues its work. The round table "Global navigation satellite systems and precise navigation in the era of digital economy"can be distinguished from many of today's events at the scientific Congress.


  • JSC "Russian space systems", Moscow
  • Russian Academy of Sciences
  • "Siberian state University of geosystems and technologies", Novosibirsk
  • Ministry of economic development of Novosibirsk region, Novosibirsk
  • Fgbi "Center of geodesy, cartography and IPD", Moscow
  • JSC "Information satellite systems". academician M. F. information satellite systems", Zheleznogorsk
  • JSC "RIRV", Saint-Petersburg

The purpose of the event: to discuss the current state, problems and promising areas of research, development and application of Russian satellite navigation technologies in the civil sector; ways to expand the geography and areas of use of domestic satellite navigation technologies and services based on the GLONASS system; opportunities to consolidate domestic and international experience in the field of satellite navigation technologies and services.

Consider issues:

  • current trends in the development of civil satellite navigation technologies;
  • market of satellite navigation technologies: current state, international and Russian experience;
  • GNSS technologies of high-precision coordinate-time support: data processing methods, hardware and software, international standards and protocols;
  • foreign experience in the development of precise GNSS technologies as an element of the concept of PNT (Positioning, Navigation, Timing);
  • development of GNSS ground infrastructure;
  • differential subsystems and services, GNSS functional additions;
  • clarification of ephemeris-time information and services of its provision. High-precision determination of low-orbit spacecraft orbits;
  • phase GNSS measurement technologies PPP, a network of active reference stations (CORS) and high-precision ephemeris and time information (ETI), their role in precise GNSS navigation and positioning;
  • precise GNSS navigation, differential navigation, GNSS function additions, differential subsystems and services;
  • application of high-precision GNSS technologies in geodesy, surveying, geodynamics, navigation, agriculture, agriculture and other applied and scientific fields of activity, accurate positioning services;
  • organizational issues of GNSS-technologies application (terms and definitions, scientific-technical and normative-legal documentation);
  • special software accurate GNSS technology;
  • navigation and positioning with increased accuracy in Russia: status, problems and prospects;
  • training in geodesy and navigation and personnel policy.

One of the moderators of the round table was Pavel Anatolyevich Anashkin, General Director of JSC " Uralgeoinform"

The national conference "Photogrammetry and remote sensing for the digital economy" should also be noted.


"Siberian state University of geosystems and technologies", Novosibirsk

The purpose of the event: to discuss the development of photogrammetry and remote sensing methods to solve the problems of digitalization of the economy and sustainable development of territories.

Consider issues:

  • data processing from unmanned aerial vehicles for large-scale mapping;
  • automation of data processing from unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • automated decryption of digital images;
  • new remote sensing data processing technologies;
  • trends in the development of photogrammetric technologies;
  • integration of spatial data from aerial, space and ground surveys;
  • capabilities of modern software for processing aircraft survey data;
  • estimation of accuracy of dense digital surface model and orthophotos obtained from UAV aerial photography;
  • capabilities of radar satellite images for solving agricultural problems;
  • monitoring of the state of crops according to remote sensing Data;
  • photogrammetric technologies in forest management;
  • control and monitoring of changes in urban infrastructure by remote sensing space data.

At this conference, "Practical experience with the Phase One aerial cameras 190MP in Russia", made by Hajdukova Diana Maratovna, head of digital photogrammetry JSC "Uralgeoinform".

Interexpo GEO-Siberia - 2019

First day of work «Interexpo GEO-Siberia 2019»

Tomorrow the international exhibition will continue its work, follow the news on our website.

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