World map from the Japanese designer


Used for centuries to create maps the Mercator projection is a notoriously inaccurate method. But the new AuthaGraph projection, invented by Hajime Narukawa of Japan, helping to create a more proportional map of the world that you have ever seen.

On the world map, created using familiar to us vintage Mercator projection, Greenland appears several times larger than Australia. In fact, Greenland is three times less than Australia.

The card is in AuthaGraph projection is really innovative due to the fact that when you transfer images from the globe to the map proportions of land and water remain unchanged.

This fact helped its Creator to win the coveted award Japanese Good Design Award.

The method, which was invented by Hajime of Narukawa involves dividing a spherical surface into 96 triangles consistently turning into tetrahedrons, and rectangles.

Of course, this map is not absolutely perfect but very close to it.

Source: GIS-Association

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