Information and analytical Department


  • The formation of a regional Bank (vault) spatial cartographic information for the territory of the Ural Federal district to ensure public authorities of subjects of Federation, municipalities, legal and natural persons with relevant information about the area;
  • Development of technical and technological solutions build a Bank of geospatial information with the requirements of the modern market;
  • Systematization and organization of data storage;
  • Development of portal solutions and web publications;
  • Creating and maintaining a database of metadata;

Head of IAD Chudinov Aleksei

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Chudinov Aleksei

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Bank of geospatial data of the Ural Federal District (UFD)

From August 2006 to present employees of information and analytical Department, is developing a Bank of geospatial data UFD. The Bank is created as an information - regional hub of the Russian spatial data infrastructure (RSDI).

The preconditions for the formation of the Bank of geospatial data UFD:

  1. A large amount of information accumulated as a result of the production activities of the enterprises of the Roskartografiya;
  2. New market requirements to be met by the prompt acquisition of accurate information about the area;
  3. The development of information technologies;
  4. The adoption of the Concept of establishment of the Russian spatial data infrastructure;
  5. The success of such initiatives abroad.

Guided by the Concept of spatial data infrastructure, as main objectives the establishment of the Bank of geospatial data UFD approved the following provisions:

  1. Improving the quality of accounting information resources of enterprises of Roskartografiya;
  2. Accumulation ready digital cartographic products from different sources;
  3. The creation of metadata;
  4. A quick search of the necessary spatial data;
  5. Increase production efficiency by eliminating duplication of work;
  6. Improving the effectiveness of the monitoring of spatial data;
  7. Security of bodies of state power and citizens responsive, relevant, and accurate geo-information.

To achieve these objectives, the architecture of the Bank of geospatial data UFD is designed in the following structure:

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