Around the world with Resurs-P - Part 2

29 August 2018

Resurs-p Is a Russian civil spacecraft for earth remote sensing (ERS). Space images sent by Resurs-P SPACECRAFT are used in the preparation and editing of maps of different scales. In addition, the information obtained from the spacecraft will be useful in carrying out environmental monitoring activities, and in the search for potential locations of oil and other minerals. Also, in the study of satellite images in different spectral ranges, the maturity of cereals in the fields, the biological purity of water bodies, the level of salinity of the soil and much more is determined.

Such work on the interpretation of satellite images, efficiently and in a short time will perform for You experts Department of digital photogrammetry.

Barcelona, Spain

Swimming pool San Alfonso del Mar (the largest in the world), Algarra

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Havana, Cuba

Cadiz, Spain

Los Angeles

Marseille, France

Benito Juarez international airport, Mexico city, Mexico

The Museum of Science and Technology, Shanghai, China

Beijing, China

Shooting spacecraft Resurs-P

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