September 4, 2018 – the First day of Tatarstan Petrochemical forum


Today in Kazan the solemn opening of the Tatarstan Petrochemical forum took place. Within the framework of the forum, stands of many specialized exhibitions were opened, including the 8th specialized exhibition "GEO-KAZAN: geological exploration. Geodesy. Cartography." The main directions of the exhibition were Geology and Geophysics, geodesy and cartography.

Also, a number of scientific and practical conferences were launched at the forum. Representatives of JSC "Roskartografiya" and JSC "Uralgeoinform" took an active part in the VII International scientific and practical conference "Topical issues of geodesy and geoinformation systems". At the scientific-practical conference presentations, Dmitry Krasnikov, CEO of JSC "Roskartografiya", and Pavel Anashkin, CEO of JSC "Uralgeoinform". You can see the presentation of the report A On JSC "Uralgeoinform" - "GIS "Mariculture of the far East" as a tool for effective investment" in the section Conferences.

The second day of the Tatarstan Petrochemical forum

JSC "Uralgeoinform"

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