Municipal geographic information system GIS

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Information - analytical center "Uralgeoinform" offers in Ekaterinburg to local authorities to order accurate and functional digital municipal GIS industry and multi-purpose.

Similar geographic information systems include a wide range of cartographic information, which allows to significantly optimize the management of urban development processes and increase the efficiency of infrastructure and socio-economic development of a particular municipality.

Modern development of the territory, urban planning and infrastructure management of human settlements is inextricably linked to using the following information stored in the data array of municipal GIS:

  • Topographic maps of different scale;
  • Cadastral information;
  • Scheme of transport and engineering networks;
  • Plan for social infrastructure;
  • Geological, hydrogeological and environmental characteristics;
  • Regulations and planning documents of urban planning.

Acceleration the listed information gives you an opportunity to optimize the use of land resources, and analyze timely and accurate prediction of various processes.

In addition, the digital cartography in combination with analytical software complex allows to increase the efficiency of existing and to find new and more efficient industrial and logistics schemes.

Optimization of the cadastral works

To order our professional services for the creation, launch and technical support of municipal geoinformation systems (MGIS) you have in Ekaterinburg with a specialist in any city of the Ural Federal district and throughout the Russian Federation. The cost of works is defined individually depending on the characteristics of the study area.

We develop a municipal geoinformation system (MGIS) allow to accelerate the production and licensing of cadastral processes, namely:

  • Reception of statements and issue of project coordination of land boundaries;
  • The issuance of permits for provision of land for construction of individual household;
  • Preparation and issuance of permits for construction, reconstruction and major repairs of object of capital construction, and commissioning.

Transfer large amount of data of the state cadastre to a municipal geoinformation system will allow to increase the investment attractiveness of the municipality.

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