Territorial geographic information system GIS

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Information - analytical center "Uralgeoinform" develops high-precision multifunctional territorial geographic information system, which allows to significantly optimize the performance of the various structures of the local authorities in the field of control and socio-economic development of municipalities and Federal districts.

The use of such geographical information systems makes it possible to predict the various processes to monitor and accurate cadastre, and effectively develop infrastructure and the industrial logistics network in the region.

In the information - analytical center "Uralgeoinform" in Eekaterinburg, you can order the development of GIS software complex following industry appointments:

  • Socio-hygienic monitoring;
  • Control of objects of historical-cultural heritage;
  • Risk management of emergency situations of natural and technogenic origin;
  • The development of the road network.

Our skilled professionals develop an integrated sectoral and territorial GIS in any region of the Russian Federation, while the cost of work is calculated individually.

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